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The Monza Hospital, part of the Policlinico di Monza international group, is ahighly specialized medical facility, a private hospital that has an agreement with Bucharest Health Insurance House (CASMB), featuring complete medical services. It is a technological hospital, considering the presence of its state-of-the-art diagnostic equipmentMonza Hospital aims at offering its patients a complex service consisting ofdiagnostic-treatment-recovery.

Excellence in cardiology

Monza Private Hospital is the only private hospital in Romania providing medical treatment for all the specializations of the heart.Cardiac Center within Monza Private Hospital was established in order to assure a healing progression for those suffering of heart diseases; from simply improving medical treatments to potential heart surgery.

Brain Institute

Brain Institute is a hospital specialized in neurosurgery, developed in partnership with Monza HospitalDr. Sergiu Stoica (super-specialized in neurosurgery, vascular and tumors), along with Dr. Anca Vișan (neuro-anaesthesist) and Dr. Mihai Crăciun (neurosurgent) make the best team of neuro specialists in the country.

The only center of pediatric surgery

Cardiopedriatic Center within Monza Private Hospital is the only private center in Romania specialized on children heart treatment. The center has integrated services of diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

First time interventions

For the first time in Romania (November 2014): implantation of an aortic valve transcatheter (TAVI) for a patient suffering of severe aortic stenosis. This type of intervention was done only in a few medical centers in the world. Dr. Radu Vătășescu is the only surgeon in Romania performing this type of procedure, only at Monza Private Hospital.

Dr. Sergiu STOICA


Dr. Sergiu Stoica has a wide studying and practical experience gathered in renowned Academic Centers from France (Henri Poincare University – Nice) and Canada (University Hospital Notre Dame – Montreal).

Conf. Dr. Șerban BĂLĂNESCU


Chief surgeon of interventional cardiology division within Monza Private Hospital, is the author, among other achievements, of a first time intervention in Romania: aortic valve implantation trough an 5 cm incision next to the heart; implantation of an aortic valve transcatheter (TAVI) through the upper side of the heart.

Dr. Theodor CEBOTARU

Cardiovascular surgery

The biggest experience in Romania regarding surgery on beating hearts and mitral valve plasty: over 1000 interventions of revascularization on beating hearts, 120 revascularization interventions on CEC, over 500 interventions of cardiac valve changes.

Dr. Mircea COTUL

Cardiovascular surgery

Chief of cardiovascular department within Monza Private Hospital – Bucharest Cardiovascular Center, works with his own team – brought from Cluj Napoca Heart Institute – for over 17 years and are able to find solutions for an entire range of cardiac birth defects.

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