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Medipol Mega

partner of Medical Express

University Hospital Medipol Mega is one of the most appreciated and important health centers from Turkey and the region. Besides being a University Hospital, Medipol includes hospitals from 4 different branches: Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, General Hospital, Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery. With over 96.000 sqm, almost 500 beds and over 1500 specialists, Medipol Mega is a landmark hospital in the world.

94% success rate in transplant procedures

The doctors from Medipol Mega have a wide experience in transplant interventions, with many first-time procedures in Turkey. The hospital has a 94% success rate for all transplants, from pediatric interventions to tissue transplant.

Technological equipment

Medipol Mega have technology which is not usually available in other hospitals from the regions: revolutionary technology HIFU non-invasive surgery for prostate cancer, bone marrow. EVAR / TEVAR (newest endovascular aneurysm reconstruction technique). Technical TAVI aortic valve implantation without surgery.

Advanced in cardiology

The Cardiology Center of Medipol Mega includes a team of surgeons within all specialties in the field. Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery and Cardiology provides all range of diagnostic methods and cardiovascular imaging procedures for both children and adults.

Oncology center

Medipol Medical Center has an experienced team of oncologists and exceptional technical features, which make Medipol Oncology Hospital is one of the most searched by patients with various cancers or tumors.

Prof. Dr. Hamdi KARAKAYALI

General surgery

He is a specialist in General Surgery, kidney and liver transplantation for adults and pediatric patients department. He performed more than 2,000 kidney and 400 liver transplants.

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Prof. Dr. Şinasi SEVMİŞ

General surgery

He is a specialist in General Surgery and kidney and liver transplants for adults, but also for patients in the pediatric department. He successfully conducted over 1,500 kidney transplants and 400 liver transplants.

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Prof. Halil TÜRKOĞLU

Cardiovascular Surgery

Prof. Dr. Turkoglu is since 2011 part of the team of heart surgeons in the Mega Medipol with extensive experience any cardiovascular intervention.

Prof. Volkan HAZAR

Pediatric Oncology

Prof. Dr. Hazar has over 30 years of experience in various university hospitals in Turkey, and the USA. He is specialized in pediatric oncology.

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