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Medicana Health Group

Medicana Health Group

partner of Medical Express

Medicana Health Group consists of 11 hospital centers throughout Turkey, one of the first major private investment in Turkey. Medicana has a strong international representation, involving thousands of patients worldwide.

These patients choose to treat at Mediana due to services above international standards regarding infection control, risk management, patient safety, quality of staff (the Group is accredited by the Joint Comission Interational). In addition, over 750 doctors group covers more than 30 medical specialties.

Hepatitis C Treatment

Viekirax-Exviera drug treatment, with 100% success even in terminal phase. View details…

Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant with any family member, even if they are incompatible. View details…

Specializations for foreign patients

Medicana Medical Center has more than 30 major specializations and the main areas of expertise are mostly dedicated to the patients from abroad.

  • Organ transplant;

  • Hepatitis C Treatment;

  • Marrow Transplant;

  • Cancer treatment;

  • In Vitro Fertilization;

  • Dentistry;

  • Plastic surgery;

  • Hair Transplant;

  • Cardiac surgery;

  • Orthopedics;

  • Neurosurgery;

  • Ophthalmology;

THepatitis C drug treatment with Viekirax-Exviera

This is the newest treatment for Hepatitis C (2015) and is the only approved treatment comprising three distinct antiviral mechanisms that act synergistically to attack the virus in three separate stages of its life cycle.

Up to 100% chance of success

According to clinical studies 95-100% of patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 1 were cured by Viekirax-Exviera. Patients suffering from hepatitis C genotypes 1 and 4 are suitable candidates for treatment with Viekirax-Exviera, even if they are terminal, with 100% success rate.

Price of the treatment of hepatitis C drug-Exviera Viekirax:

• At Medicana Health Group, the Medical Express: 50.000 euro;
• In other medical centers in Western Europe: 70-73.000 euro.

The cost of the treatment at Medicana includes all necessary analysis before, during and after treatment, hospital-airport transfers, a translator during visits.

Kidney transplant with any family member, even if they are not compatible

Medicana transplant center has initiated an innovative and effective system in kidney transplant: the patient may present with any family member as a donor (up to Grade 4 relatives).

If these relatives are not compatible with the patient, he / she will receive a compatible kidney from the database organ Medicana and the kidney from the relative will be donated to the same database.

Medicana Health Group has four transplant centers and the patient will be directed to one of them based on availability and specific details of the case.

Any questions? You can contact us anytime through our phone-number or email:

0040 0733.33.11.00

Or by using our contact form:

  • You have priority

    Only at Medical Expresswithin 48 hours you shall receive the answer of the specialist physicians from the clinic of your choice, and you have priority in making an appointment (the appointments usually take 3 to 10 days, but with Medical Express you have priority). The clinics are usually hard to contact by phone: Medical Express facilitates fast and priority access directly to the specialists you need.

  • Straight to the specialist physician

    Only at Medical Expresswe make sure that your file goes directly and fast to the specialist physician you need, without the administrative formalities specific to the large medical centers.

  • Step-by-step assistance

    Only at Medical ExpressMedical Express is your representative in the relationship with the clinic of your choice. We stand by our patients from the very first contact up to the completion of the healing process.

  • Priority in getting the test results

    Only at Medical Expressonly Medical Express guarantees that the tests are processed urgently for those that contact the clinics through us.

  • Transparency

    Only at Medical ExpressMedical Express facilitates access to all information you require from the clinic of your choice – fees, treatment recommendations, appointments, conditions, etc.

  • Comparative analysis

    Only at Medical Expressif you cannot decide which clinic is best for you, Medical Express shall perform a comparative analysis on its partner clinics, so that you may comfortably choose whatever is best for you.

Any questions? You can contact us on email / phone or by using our contact form:

004 0733.33.11.00

We guarantee that your medical case will reach the specialist you need with the highest priority and you will receive the answer in 48h or less Guaranteed by Medical Express:






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