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Propolisul luptă împotriva cancerului

Propolisul este un compus complet natural produs de albine. Este obținut din muguri de plante în combinație cu ceară și rășina. Albinele îl folosesc în repararea imperfecțiunilor stupului și la igienizare. Propolisul protejează stupul de virusuri, bacterii, fungi și microbi. În plus, propolisul menține o temperatură optimă în interiorul stupului. Conținut Compușii propolisului depind în […]

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Colloidal silver – anticancer treatment

Silver as a colloidal solution represents a highly effective and simple natural remedy against many diseases, particularly infectious ones. It has a very broad spectrum of applications and uses due to its cell structure-targeted biological action. Compared to conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics that are effective against 6 or 7 types of germs and are completely ineffective against […]

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The Johanna Brandt cure – Anticancer treatment

Johanna Brandt popularized the grape cure in the 1920s, after she cured herself of stomach cancer. The cure implies eating dark-color (purple), red or black grapes, due to their rich contents of RESVERATROL, a substance with powerful anti-tumor properties. The cure takes about 6 weeks for cancer, or less for diseases like arteriosclerosis, arthritis, obesity, skin […]

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Coenzyme Q10 treatment and breast cancer

Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that helps with a more effective oxygenation of the body. It stimulates the heart muscles and the immune system through the higher level of antibodies fighting against tumor-associated macrophages and degenerative cells. Dosage Following experiments, notable results were obtained when the administered dose was between 400 and 600 mg per […]

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