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Alkaline water

Alkaline water is a pure and clean water that represents the cornerstone of wellbeing. The water intake is essential for the body to function well. First of all, alkaline water has antioxidant properties, it neutralizes the free radicals, namely those that often cause degenerative conditions, such as cancer. Alkaline water makes more oxygen available to the […]

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Terapia Gerson

Terapia Gerson a fost inventată de Dr. Max Gerson în 1920 și este un tratament natural și sigur compus din alimente ecologice, clisme de cafea și suplimente natural care vor activa capacitatea intriseca a organismului de a se vindeca. Aceatsa terapie este folosită cu success de mii de oameni pentru a se recupera de la bolile […]

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Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy helps you always stay fresh and young, revitalizing and reviving the entire body. The ozone therapy is one of nature’s wonders, with 100% efficiency in treating bacterial and viral diseases due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Ozone therapy consists in infusing or injecting a quantity of oxygen-ozone mixture by various methods with […]

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Hydro-colon therapy

Colon therapy, colon irrigation, detoxification therapy, colon hydrotherapy or enema is the cleansing of waste accumulated in the colon (the major part of the large intestine) following the processing of food, through the administration of water, herbal solutions, enzymes, or other substances such as coffee. Colon has the ability to cope with the residues and […]

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The miracle medicine – wheatgrass juice

Wheatgrass juice is the most important source for keeping your youth. It is the only natural remedy that heals, and revitalizes the entire body, and helps producing and purifying blood. The chemical structure of the wheatgrass juice protects against carcinogenic substances, strengthens the cells, detoxifies the liver and the blood flow, chemically neutralizes any polluting […]

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Vitamin B17 – natural chemotherapy

Vitamin B-17, also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile, was isolated by biochemist Dr. Ernest Krebs in 1950. Scientific research in the latest years shows that the degenerative diseases such as cancer might be caused by a nutritional deficiency and not by a bacterium, virus or mysterious toxin. This nutritional deficiency is correlated with the absence of […]

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Vitamin C in treating cancer

The US scientists say that cancer could be cured by intravenous injections of vitamin C, combined with the traditional chemotherapy method. History Mega-doses of vitamin C have been studied as a treatment for cancer patients ever since 1970. Ewan Cameron, a Scottish surgeon, worked with Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner, to find the benefits […]

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Therapeutic plasmapheresis

Plasmapheresis is an extracorporeal transfusion technique designed to separate the blood into plasma and its featured elements.  This technique removes the pathologic elements from the blood and body. Plasmapheresis has a complex detoxification, re-correction and immune-correction effect on the body. The detoxification effect is achieved by eliminating and biologically transforming the pathologic substrate, thus “unlocking” the biological […]

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Propolisul luptă împotriva cancerului

Propolisul este un compus complet natural produs de albine. Este obținut din muguri de plante în combinație cu ceară și rășina. Albinele îl folosesc în repararea imperfecțiunilor stupului și la igienizare. Propolisul protejează stupul de virusuri, bacterii, fungi și microbi. În plus, propolisul menține o temperatură optimă în interiorul stupului. Conținut Compușii propolisului depind în […]

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Colloidal silver – anticancer treatment

Silver as a colloidal solution represents a highly effective and simple natural remedy against many diseases, particularly infectious ones. It has a very broad spectrum of applications and uses due to its cell structure-targeted biological action. Compared to conventional pharmaceutical antibiotics that are effective against 6 or 7 types of germs and are completely ineffective against […]

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