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Vitamin C in treating cancer

The US scientists say that cancer could be cured by intravenous injections of vitamin C, combined with the traditional chemotherapy method.

Mega-doses of vitamin C have been studied as a treatment for cancer patients ever since 1970. Ewan Cameron, a Scottish surgeon, worked with Linus Pauling, a Nobel Prize winner, to find the benefits of vitamin C therapy in a series of clinical trials on cancer patients in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Recent studies in the United States of America have shown that mega-doses of vitamin C given intravenously to patients with resilient infections, cancer or breast cancer have amazing results.

A research conducted 50 years ago suggests that the occurrence of cancer might be closely associated to the alteration of connective tissue due to vitamin C deficit. So, in 1970, it was suggested that a mega-dose of ascorbic acid might help the development of body resilience to infections and possibly cancer.

Subsequent research has shown that the vitamin C blood level depends on the way in which it is taken. If it is given orally, most of it is lost and has no conclusive effect on the cancer cells, but, if given intravenously, the vitamin C blood level has been noted to increase significantly.

Moreover, the vitamin C mega-dose therapy can also be applied as an additional treatment before or after the surgery. Such a treatment improves the general condition of the patient and helps with the healing of the postoperative wounds, also mitigating the risk of postoperative complications. The preoperative treatment should be applied 4 to 5 days before surgery.

The patients that received vitamin C mega-doses intravenously besides chemotherapy have been known to present less harmful effects from the treatment. Scientists have concluded that the intravenous administration of vitamin C may kill cancer cells without the patient developing a significant toxicity or pathological alterations in the spleen, kidneys or liver.

Vitamin C mega-dose treatment has been applied in Western countries, such as Germany, ever since the late 1980s. With the publication of the results of the first treatments (1994, 1999), the number of therapists successfully applying the vitamin C mega-dose treatment has been constantly growing.

Multiple clinics successfully apply the vitamin C therapy – Habichtswald Kassel, Zimmermann Badenweiler, Vila Medica Edenkoben clinics.

The tests on animals and epidemiologic research have shown that antioxidants play a positive role in the prevention of chronic diseases, such as cancer. The application of the treatment with additional antioxidants positively influences the results of treatments for patients with tumor illnesses.

The beneficial effects of postoperative application

– replenishes the body’s vitamin C resources
– reduces the level of ascorbic acid in leukocytes
– detoxifies
– helps with healing wounds
– prevents thrombosis
– helps with iron intake
– provides protection against infections
– improves the patient’s general condition
– reduces the risk of complications


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