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Vitamin B17 – natural chemotherapy

Vitamin B-17, also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile, was isolated by biochemist Dr. Ernest Krebs in 1950.

Scientific research in the latest years shows that the degenerative diseases such as cancer might be caused by a nutritional deficiency and not by a bacterium, virus or mysterious toxin. This nutritional deficiency is correlated with the absence of a substance that modern man has removed from his diet – Vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 contains two molecules of glucose, one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (an anti-neoplastic compound) and one molecule of benzaldehyde (an analgesic compound). The richest source of vitamin B17 is apricot kernels. This is the source for the commercially prepared vitamin B17. Amygdalin is present in most of the fruit seeds, less citric fruits, hence the specific bitter taste.

The research of Dr. Ernest Krebs shows that 7 to 10 apricot kernels consumed every day prevent the occurrence of cancer.

The treatment against cancer, currently considered unconventional, consists of the intravenous administration of Amygdalin doses for 2 to 3 weeks, followed by oral doses for stabilization and maintenance.

Amygdalin’s classification as a vitamin is strongly challenged by the traditional medicine, and so is the validity of the intravenous treatment against cancer. In this respect, the National Cancer Institute could not prove the therapeutic properties of vitamin B17. However, the advocates of the non-conventional therapy say that the pharmaceutical multinationals are not interested in promoting this treatment, as they do not have a patent on vitamin B17. Moreover, vitamin B17 treatment is illegal in the United States of America, and the patients that want to take it must resort to other countries such as Australia, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, etc.

How it acts
Vitamin B17 is a natural chemotherapy substance made up of two substances – a benzaldehyde and a cyanide. By themselves, these two components are toxic, but they become harmless when part of vitamin B17. There is only one known substance that can break down vitamin B17, namely betaglucosidase. According to Dr. Griffin, this substance can be found in minute quantities in the cells of the body, except for organs such as spleen, liver and endocrine intestines, but it is abundant in the cancer cells and tissues. Therefore, amygdalin is effectively broken down to its components in the areas affected by cancer, and less effectively in the rest of the body. The tissues lured by the glucose in vitamin B17 are tricked into consuming this substance. But in this process they shall break down amygdalin into its elements that are noxious for all degenerative cells, exterminating them.

Vitamin B17 thus succeeds in destroying the cancer cells without harming healthy tissues and that’s because, besides the substance that helps break down the amygdalin present in the cells and in higher concentrations in the liver, spleen and endocrine intestines, there is a second enzyme present in the healthy cells, called Rhodanese, which neutralizes cyanide and benzaldehyde and transforms them into nutritious substances. However, this protective enzyme is not present in the cancer cells, so they are not protected.

Amygdalin was known and used in China and ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. It was extracted from bitter almonds (amygdala, hence the name). The therapeutic effects of Amygdalin are mentioned in an Egyptian papyrus from 5,000 years ago, which presents the beneficial effects of “aqua amigdalorum” for the treatment of some tumors of the skin. The Greek and Romans also used the beneficial properties of amygdalin. Further more, native American tribes such as Navajo and Karakorum frequently consume beverages prepared from fruit kernels rich in amygdalin. No case of cancer has been recorded among them.

Natural sources

Kernels and seeds of fruits

Brown rice

White beans

Cabbage types
White cabbage
Red cabbage

Bitter almonds (kernels)
Black currants
Red onion
Red wine
Egg plant

The highest concentration of vitamin B17 is to be found in apricot kernels and apple seeds. When we were children, the parents would warn us against consuming these kernels, as they were supposed to be harmful to the body. Indeed, upon the breaking down of amygdalin, hydrogen cyanide is released in the body, which can be toxic in large quantities, so the recommended maximum dose is 5 apricot kernels a day.


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