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Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy helps you always stay fresh and young, revitalizing and reviving the entire body. The ozone therapy is one of nature’s wonders, with 100% efficiency in treating bacterial and viral diseases due to its antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties.

Ozone therapy consists in infusing or injecting a quantity of oxygen-ozone mixture by various methods with exceptional therapeutic effects.

Treatment of the blood diseases
It treats 100% of the bacterial and viral diseases due to its powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Further more, it treats the illnesses associated with the hypoxia symptoms due to its beneficial effects on the transportation and release of oxygen in the tissues, facilitating the oxygen-dependant processes. It heals the blood circulation disorders thanks to its effect on blood circulation. It corrects the inflammatory processes due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It is also a miracle remedy in treating immunodeficiency thanks to its immune-modulating and immune-stimulating effect, and it treats poorly-healing wounds.

Diabetes remedy
It decreases the need for insulin to half and provides a better quality of life, reducing the hospital stay duration and the quantity of medication taken. As for diabetes complications, such as those with the legs, the ozone therapy reduces inflammation and extent, preventing amputation.

Remedies cancer and other untreatable diseases
Although ozone therapy is not considered a 100% approved treatment for cancer, it has been clinically and experimentally determined to produce anti-tumor effects. That happens when used in the early stages of cancer, as ozone injections directly into the tumors, while the parenteral administration of ozone-saturated blood or serum may lead to the complete disappearance of the tumor. In the inoperable or already operated cases, or treated by chemotherapy or radiations, it may have beneficial effects as an adjuvant for detoxification, immune-correction and improvement of the wellbeing. Ozone therapy may cut to half the prescribed doses of chemotherapy, it may significantly decrease the side effects of chemotherapy and other anti-tumor medication. Due to its immune-modulating and immune-stimulating effects, the ozone therapy may at least improve the quality of life for cancer patients, and significantly extend their life expectation, even if the complete curing of cancer is impossible.

Remedies AIDS and HIV infections
For AIDS patients, the ozone therapy acts as a powerful immune-stimulating agent, helping the patients return to normal life for a long period of time.

Corrects antibiotic resistance
Ozone therapy is a miracle alternative to traditional medicine, for instance in the cases when the microflora is resilient to available antibiotics. It can increase the sensitivity of the body’s microflora to antibiotics and enhance the effects of traditional medication, when used as a complementary treatment method. Compared to traditional medicine, ozone therapy leads to better results over a short period of time, without requiring an adjustment period, it is not rejected by the body, and does not cause side effects, adverse reactions or complications.

Ozone therapy also produces stable effects in chronic patients, without causing relapses over a long period of time.

Ozone therapy may be used successfully in the first trimesters of pregnancy in the case of women presenting a high risk of intrauterine infections, when the use of antibiotics is not allowed. It may be used in the successful treatment of obstetrics complications, with beneficial effects for both the mother, and the fetus. There is no age limit in using the ozone therapy, and it may be given to both newborns, and elder patients.

Major auto-hemotransfusion
Minor auto-hemotransfusion
Subcutaneous injections
Intramuscular injections
Intra-articular injections
Rectal or vaginal insufflations
Topical application
Ozonated plasma; ozonated oil, ozonated ointment

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