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Services of Medical Express

Services of Medical Express

Medical Express is the company specialized on medical assistance and consulting and handles all the details of your healing process: from the first contact with the clinic you want to get treatment at, to post-treatment support with local doctors.

Medical Express addresses especially to patients in need of:

  • Oncologic surgery;

  • Gynecology;

  • Radiotherapy;

  • Second opinion;

  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery;

  • Cyberknife;

  • Cardiac surgery;

  • Oncologic commission;

  • Gammaknife;

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Amethyst 450
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Medipol 450
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Medical Express respond to the patients need of getting the best medical services, with minimum organizational and administrative effort. We facilitate the direct access to the most renowned specialists from internationally known hospitals.

Simplified procedure: 2 main stages and 8 steps for your health

Have you ever wondered which way to go when you want to get the best treatment clinics in Romania and Europe?

It’s good to know that you are getting help from a company which thought of both major and small details. We put together an excellent system that will save you all the administrative problems that you can encounter, whether you opt for a clinic in Romania or Europe.

Our packages include the following services, divided into two main stages and 8 simple steps:

Stage 1 (steps 1-4): Case analysis and diagnosis

1. Medical Express provides you the services of the best hospitals from Romania and Europe

We present you a list with the best medical centers from Romania and Europe, together with the presentation and CV’s of the doctors. If you don’t know what clinic to choose, we will make for you a comparative analysis.

See hospitals from Europe

See hospitals from Romania

2. Medical Express takes care of your medical file

You can send us your medical file or we can obtain it directly from the center which holds it; we will translate and we will send it to the medical center chosen by you. You will get a copy of this file, chronologically organized, if you may want to send it to other physicians.

3. Medical Express obtains for you the response of the doctors within 24-48 h

Medical Express guarantees that you will get the answer of the chosen medics within 24-48 h. A commission will be formed and they will analyze your case and provide their expertise. Normally, this procedure takes over 72 h, but our partnerships entitles us to guarantee an urgent answer.

4. Video consultations on demand

If, due to certain motives, you cannot visit the country where the chosen doctor is or he cannot travel to you, we will give you the technical facilities to make a video consultation. The direct communication with the doctor will help in establish the right diagnosis.

Stage 2 (steps 5-8): Customized treatment plan

5. Personalized financial plan

We will put together a financial plan containing all the agreed services, depending on the destination country and chosen clinic. We will provide you comparative analyses and the CV’s of the doctors that will treat you.

6. Transportation and assistance

Medical Express take care of all the formalities related to the transportation of the patients to and from the destination. Someone will wait for you at the airport with an adapted vehicle, according to your needs. We will present you several transport and accommodation options, according to your budget and wishes. We will optimize the costs and establish all details.

7. We are besides you after returning home

We can provide you medical assistance when you return home, establish communication between your local medic and the hospital where you were treated, thus linking the treatment schemes.

Optional: Home asistance or on-demand special requests.

Optional8. Adjuvant therapies for strengthening the body

This is an often neglected step but vital in the success of the treatment and total recovery of the patient. Our partner doctors will provide you adjuvant treatments to strengthen the organism and regain immunity.

NEW: Medical Express helps you finance your treatment

We have partnerships with most of the banks in Romania. We are able to obtain for you an advantageous and urgent credit, thus you can fully concentrate on your healing and recovery. Se details…

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