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Private Clinic Döbling

Private Clinic Döbling

Medical Express recommends Döbling Private Clinic and can guide you to the doctors of this medical center, providing all required services.

Döbling Private Clinic is one of the best clinics in Vienna. Here are treated over 11,000 patients per year, Austrians and foreigners. This hospital is a pioneer in quality services offered to its patients. The expertise, the management team – which focuses on the welfare of the team – but also the attention to its patients and modern equipment guarantees medical services to the highest standards.
The specialized departments of the clinic and also the partner clinics provides excellent diagnostic services, pre and post surgery.


Multiple specialties

One of the top hospitals of Vienna, Döbling Private Clinic covers a broad spectrum of specialties, with special attention on: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Abdominal Surgery, Gastroenterology and gastroesophageal diseases, Trauma Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Internal Medicine, Oncology.

Intimate ambient with hotel comfort

Private Clinic Döbling focuses on the comfort of its patients through exclusive amenities which create a special atmosphere. The rooms, the restaurant’s menu, cafe, garden, waiting rooms – all compose a unique atmosphere and soothing for the patient.

Quality management

Ambulatory and maternity in Private Clinic Döbling hold ISO 9001 certification; also holds clinical quality seal “Best Health Austria”, is part of a group of over 800 companies Viennese environmentally and reduce costs, and from the medical guide “Hospital Guide” (2008) received the highest rating: five out of five possible.

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