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Metropolitan Hospital

partner of Medical Express

Metropolitan Hospital is one of the newest private hospitals which brings together elite physicians, top medical equipment, premium services and life (we start from conception, birth and treatments and interventions for curing or preventing illnesses).

These activities take place in a special location, with generous and welcoming spaces which combines the feelings of safety, warmness and elegance. Metropilitan Hospital provides services for 24 medical and surgical specialties with the help of over 150 specialists which diagnose and successfully treats various cases, using minimal or non-invasive methods, but also classic interventions, where laparoscopic surgery cannot be used.

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Over 150 experts are working for you

The Metropolitan Hospital offers a wide range of premium medical services, under maximum safety conditions, for 24 medical and surgical specialties. More than 150 specialist physicians permanently provide an interdisciplinary approach to offer the safest diagnoses and the most efficient treatments.

Min. invasive neurosurgery at competitive prices

Dr. Constantin Sorin Crăciunaș has both expertise and experience to perform interventions within all the range of vertebral column (he has over 600 interventions/year). Metropolitan Hospital offers the chance of minimally invasive spinal surgery at excellent prices and the highest standards of quality.

The perfect place for a peaceful delivery

Obstetrics and gynecology section is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Radu Vlădăreanu (also chief of Obstetrics-gynecology section within Emergency Elias Hospital in Bucharest). Metropolitan Hospital offers 3 service packages for future parents (Standard, Premium, VIP), everything is new and clean, and the employees of the clinic understand and comply with every specific demand of future mothers.

Complete services of eyes surgery and treatment

Metropolitan Hospital provides a thorough and specialized care with the support of an elite team of medics, with a wide experience in the domain, but also with the help of ultra-high-tech equipment. These technologies enables the doctors to precisely analyze and treat numerous eye affections.

Dr. Constantin Sorin CRĂCIUNAȘ


Has around 600 spinal cord related interventions/year, from minimal invasive interventions on the spinal cord, to complex spinal stabilizations and other such complex interventions.



Chief of the obstetrics and gynecology section of the Emergency State Hospital Elias Bucharest, Prof. Dr. Vlădăreanu also coordinates the section of obstetrics and gynecology of Metropolitan Hospital, providing both medical consultations, obstetric morphological ultrasound scans and three-dimensional and also his full support and advice for natural births or caesarean deliveries.

Dr. Carmen TOMA


MD specialized in ophthalmology, Dr. Toma has experience in numerous procedures of analysis and surgical interventions: Anterior pole surgery: cataract (phacoemulsification), pterygium, glaucoma ( trabeculectomy), vitreoretinian surgery: DR, MER, GM, hemoftalmus, lens dislocation etc.

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    Only at Medical Expressif you cannot decide which clinic is best for you, Medical Express shall perform a comparative analysis on its partner clinics, so that you may comfortably choose whatever is best for you.

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