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Medipol Mega

Medipol University Hospital is Turkey’s first healthcare center that incorporates hospitals of four different branches, besides being a University Hospital. Mega Medipol is a reference healthcare center both nationally and internationally.

470 beds
Intensive care units with 133 beds (32 General,  22 Coronary, 26 KVS, 53 Neonatal Intensive Care)
246 polyclinic rooms
25 operating rooms
15,000 sqm green areas
26,000 sqm parking area
100,000 sqm indoor area
>2100 employees
1 Helicopter for the transfer of domestic and foreign patients
Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (employed in the Departments of Urology, Heart Surgery, Gynecology, General Surgery)


The Mega Medipol University Hospital comprises 4 hospital branches (Cardiovascular Surgery, General Surgery, Oncology and Dental Hospitals) and hundreds of clinics.

The Oncology Hospital
Comprises the entire range of oncology treatments, so each patient receives the treatment they require: Medical Oncology, Oncologic Surgery, Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, Oncologic Hematology for adults and pediatric patients, Bone Marrow Transplantation for adults and pediatric patients.

Medical Services
Gamma Knife (For tumors smaller than 3 cm. Does not require hospitalization.)
Linak (device equipped with linear actuator)
True Beam (The device presents efficiency and speed superior to other devices. Used in radiotherapy and surgery)
IMRT (Detects cancer tissues. The radiation dose may be adjusted providing healthy tissues with minimal exposure to radiations).
IGRT (Medical examinations before and after the treatment)
SRT/SRC (Used in the case of very small tumors. Prevents the exposure of healthy tissues to radiation).
Nuclear Medicine (Used in diagnosis or to indicate the type of cancer or its evolution).
Stem-cell transplantation for adults


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