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Hydro-colon therapy

Colon therapy, colon irrigation, detoxification therapy, colon hydrotherapy or enema is the cleansing of waste accumulated in the colon (the major part of the large intestine) following the processing of food, through the administration of water, herbal solutions, enzymes, or other substances such as coffee.

Colon has the ability to cope with the residues and irritating substances on a long-term basis, and this coping ability is worn down slowly and over long periods of time. Unfortunately, we only realize too late that a critical point has been reached and the colon no longer functions under normal parameters. The waste accumulated within the colon disrupts the digestive functions, and the toxic substances are reabsorbed in the body, poisoning us. The first signs of an overstressed and overloaded colon are bloating, constipation, diarrhea, pain and abdominal discomfort, headaches, impaired ability to focus and impaired intellectual performance, fatigue, skin rashes, hives, allergies, skin itching, joint pains.

Hydro-colon therapy gently and painlessly removes waste, toxic substances, gas and parasites from the large intestine, thus achieving a significant detoxification process that will enhance the digestive functions and improve the general state of wellbeing. Further more, cleansing the colon by hydro-colon therapy prevents many illnesses.

After the very first session, the patient loses weight, sleep and digestion are corrected, they become stronger, resilience to infections is improved, memory sharpens, and there is a general feeling of lightness in the entire body.

The first benefic effects shall be seen in the skin. It will become cleaner and brighter, and acne, cellulites, hives, allergies, skin rashes, psoriasis, eczema shall fade away and heal by themselves. Further more, hydro-colon therapy dramatically helps in correcting constipation, preventing colon cancer, detoxification, it alleviates the chronic fatigue syndrome, boosts mental performance, alleviates joint pains and helps weight loss (up to 11 kg lost in one cure).

Hydro-colon therapy is strongly recommended in improving blood circulation and cell oxygenation, remedying liver and bile dysfunctions, avoiding irritable bowel syndrome, helping patients with varicose diseases. Moreover, this therapy also alleviates alopecia (hair loss), body odor, heavy feet syndrome, rebellious cephalalgia, menstrual pain, irritability, nervousness, nausea, and it has strongly regenerative effects. It stimulates the immune system, it energizes and increases mental tonicity and cognitive abilities, and corrects headaches and insomnia. Besides these, hydro-colon therapy has numerous effects on the physical appearance, it improves the complexion of the skin, visibly reduces the dark rings around the eyes, alleviates cellulites, prevents the formation of wrinkles and the premature aging of the skin.

How it is done
Hydro-colon therapy involves a hygienist or hydrotherapist irrigating the colon by inserting plastic tubes through the rectum and into the colon. A machine based on a gravity-driven pump sends large quantities of liquid into the colon.  After that, the therapist will massage the abdomen to help move waste material. The procedure is repeated several times. Compared to enemas that only clean the colon segment close to the rectum and use up to 1 liter of water, hydro-colon therapy manages to clean the entire large intestine. Coffee or herbs may be included in the treatment.

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