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Europe | Partner clinics of Medical Express

Shaare Zedek Medical Center | Israel

partner of Medical Express

In its history of over 100 years, Shaare Zedek Medical Center has made its mark in the field of medicine in Israel. Currently, the hospital has more than 1,000 beds and 845 doctors.

Herzliya Medical Center | Israel

partner of Medical Express

Herzliya Medical Center is the first private hospital in Israel, founded in 1983 and currently it is the medical center that treats patients from over 60 countries.

IEO – Instituto Europeo di Oncologia | Italy

partner of Medical Express

IEO (European Institute of Oncology) is an internationally renowned medical center that focuses all its efforts on cancer prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment.

Medicana Health Group | Turkey

partner of Medical Express

Medicana Health Group consists of 11 hospital centers throughout Turkey, one of the first major private investment in Turkey. Medicana has a strong international representation, involving thousands of patients worldwide.

Anadolu Medical Center | Turkey

partner of Medical Express

One of the best medical centers in all Euro-Asia, Anadolu Medical Center takes high technological, research, educational and medical care standards.

Medipol Mega Hospital | Turkey

partner of Medical Express

University Hospital Medipol Mega is one of the most appreciated and important health centers from Turkey and the region. Besides being a University Hospital, Medipol includes hospitals from 4 different branches…

AKH Viena | Austria

With a history of over 300 years, the Vienna AKH Hospital is the third largest in the world and one of the most famous. It has over 9,000 employees (1.400 doctors and nurses twice more), 2.200 beds and 51 operating theaters and have recently made investments of over 80 million euro.

Strahlenzentrum Hamburg | Germania

partner of Medical Express

Strahlenzentrum Hamburg is among the best medical centers in Germany. Oncology Center Hamburg is one of the most efficient and professional, specialized in Radiotherapy and Cyberknife Radiosurgery.

Private Clinic Rudolfinerhaus | Austria

Rudolfinerhaus Private Clinic is one of the most modern and beautiful clinic in Vienna. Founded in 1882 by renowned physicist Theodor Billroth, Rudolfinerhaus is located in the residential area of Vienna.

Private Clinic Döbling | Austria

Döbling Private Clinic is one of the best clinics in Vienna. Here are treated over 11,000 patients per year, Austrians and foreigners. This hospital is a pioneer in quality services offered to its patients.

University Hospital Coruña | Spain

partener Medical Express

It is one of the largest and most renowned medical centers in Spain and the largest in Galicia. On an area of over 50,000 square meters, it has over 30 clinics, 140 research laboratories, 1,500 rooms, over 50 operating rooms, 2,000 beds and over 7,000 employees.

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